Byron Hatfield

Byron created Bye Bye Liver in 2006 in Chicago. It has since become a national show, performed and loved nationally in the US and Canada. He owned The Public House Theatre in Chicago until 2018. He now lives in Atlanta where he continues to write and produce and is currently working on his first feature film. He feels very blessed by his success and by the wonderful people that have been around to help is grow at every stage.  

Patrick Lothian

Patrick met Byron while working on the Chicago internet television network Maybe Hip. This led to them working together on small film projects including the TV pilot The Show Might Go On. He lives with his wife and two dogs in Knoxville and is a web and graphic designer.

Sasha Hatfield

Sasha is a content contributor, editor and writer-wrangler, responsible for Byron’s best ideas. She is an award-watching actress, best known for insurance commercials, video games and “Bye Bye Liver: The Boston Drinking Play.” All butt and poop jokes are lovingly dedicated to Sasha and Byron’s 3-year-old.  

For The Record…
Bye Bye Liver and our drinking humor are all in good fun. You don’t have to even have a sip to enjoy yourself. Please feel free to enjoy and play along with a coke or water.

We are avid supporters of the American Liver Foundation and always want our patrons to be responsible and safe.

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