PRE ORDER: Bye Bye Liver: The Party Game




Bye Bye Liver: The Party Game™ mixes 12+ years of drinking and live comedy into one game, with over 154 Cards and 5 Great Drinking Games for you and your lush friends.



Sure, lots of people know how to laugh and have a great time.

But we’ve spent 12 years perfecting it.

And now it’s all yours. All the fun, half the liver damage.

Your friends and party-goers will laugh and scream as each round surprises you with its fast, uproarious and unrelenting gameplay.

From classics, such as Never Have I Ever or Would You Rather, to originals like Beer-Roulette and Get F#@ked, there is never a dull moment as you await the next turn of a card or roll of the dice.

Bye Bye Liver is THE Party Game. Whether it’s 4 or 40 people, you are sure to have a legendary night every time you play.

Proven, Hilarious, and Easy to Play…this is your ticket to an impossible-to-forget night! So easy that Drunk You can learn it.



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