Bye Bye Liver: The Cincinnati Drinking Play

Every Friday at 8PM

Bye Bye Liver: The Cincinnati Drinking Play is a show unlike any other Cincinnati has to offer. It mixes the city’s love for theater and comedy with its love for drinking. Two parts sketch comedy, one part social games; this show is guaranteed to have you falling out of your chair laughing. Located at 1122 Walnut St, the show features some of the best talent in the Cincinnati Comedy/Theater Community. When it comes to the pratfalls and pitfalls of the drinking experience this cast of crazy characters leaves no stone unturned and no can uncrushed.

'puts the efforts of Saturday Night Live to shame'

Chicago Sun-Times


Every Saturday at 8PM $15 in advance, $18 at the door

Will call opens 1 hour prior to show time.


1122 Walnut St

Below Zero Lounge

Got a Big Group?

So you and your friends are coming to see Bye Bye Liver and you all want to sit together. That is the best idea we’ve heard in a long time. Let’s do it.

To make sure your whole group sits together and has the best possible time, please call our box office at 1-800-650-6449. Have any other questions? Give us a call.

21 and Over

Bye Bye Liver is a 21 and older show. All beverages must be purchased at the venue, no outside beverages are allowed in.

Let's meet the cast!

Patrick Lohr

Patrick Lohr

Originally illustrated in a Jack Deebs comic, Patrick escaped “Cool World” to pursue the comedic life of acting like a “noid” (don’t tell Detective Frank Harris). He is thrilled to help bring laughter to Cincinnati through sketch comedy again. Lets play.

Katherine Anne

Katherine Anne

When Katherine isn’t breaking backs or cracking skulls in Wilkymacky alley, she can be found up on stage for your viewing pleasure. She hails from Porkopolis, but first became part of the Bye Bye Liver family in St. Louis. She knew that Cincinnati is the beer drinkin’ town and found the best talent around to make your sides split. Peace. Love. Social!

Elizabeth A. Harris

Elizabeth A. Harris

Elizabeth has peddled her acting talents for such companies as Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, Know Theatre of Cincinnati, New Edegcliff Theatre, and Covedale Center for the Performing Arts. Her other talents are peddled upon request and for the right price. Her comedic talents; get your mind out of the gutter! Elizabeth teaches acting in Northern Kentucky University’s Theatre Department and UC-CCM’s Certificate Acting Program. She keeps her students rolling with laughter…..mostly due to her special dress up day, “Princess Leia Fridays.” Elizabeth possesses a BA in acting, a MA in theatre with an emphasis in directing, and is currently pursuing a MFA in playwriting. When she grows up Elizabeth hopes to pick back up on that medical career she left to become an actor. You don’t need training for that, right?

Craig Branch

Craig Branch

Craig Branch studied theatre at the university, and drinking at the pub. Stage credits include: The Glory of Living, Waiting for Godot, Twelfth Night, The Hurting Part (World Premiere), Sleepy Hollow, Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Drinking credits include: The Glorious Evening, Waiting for the GD Bartender, Twelfth Shot, The Hurting Morning (recurring role), Sleeping Soundly, Long Night’s Journey Into Day. Many thanks to mom, dad, and what’shername for their patience, and Colonel Blanton for his single barrel bourbon.

Mitchell Stallons

Mitchell Stallons

Your boy Mitchell D. has been a man around town for years now. You may remember him from such memorable roles like, “That one guy” and who could forget such unforgettable productions such as, “You know, that thing we saw at that one place.” It’s time to sit back, relax with a shot (or 17) and find out why all the critics agree that your boy Mitchell D. is, “Who?”.

Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr

Lauren has been forcing people to watch her perform since age 2. She was a complete unknown before that. And while she’d love to think that they were laughing with her – she knows the truth. As a diagnosed wine-o, Lauren copes with her condition by resorting to getting drunk off the wine stored away in her home, starting with a half of a bottle and eventually breaking into the boxes of wine she buys in bulk to supply her needs. Enjoying the numbing properties of wine daily, Lauren usually starts drinking with friends, then drinks alone…with her cats… She has whored herself out as a performer and teacher at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre, Covedale Center for the Performing Arts, Falcon Theatre, Cincinnati Fringe Festival and the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music Preparatory Theatre Arts Department.

Jacob Priddy

Jacob Priddy

Kate Mock Elliott

Kate Mock Elliott

Kate was born to a pair of troubadours in Medieval France. She was kidnapped as an infant by a villainous druid and taken to the jungles of Madagascar where she was rescued by a kindly family of lemurs. They raised her and taught her all she knows about time travel, copious drinking, and piano playing. Every performance goes out to them – I love you, Sheema and Mortoosi!

Grace Eichler

Grace Eichler

Grace is the tall one. A Cincinnati transplant, she prides herself on her beer snobbery and her penchant for musical theatre. She once got an award for being “zesty.” Her greatest accomplishments include her third grade soccer game, fifth grade spelling bee and eighth grade talent show. She peaked early.

Josh Walters

Josh Walters

From a young age Josh knew he was born to engineer and construct the Bye Bye Liver stage set which many have deemed his pièce de résistance. Josh attributes much of his success to his architectural influences including M.C. Escher and Fischer Price. Josh attended the Clark Griswold School of exterior illumination and graduated top in his class. Hobbies include nailguns and bacon. Oh, and bourbon.

Blake Gehring

Blake Gehring

Blake is excited to join the cast of Bye Bye Liver, combining two of his favorite pastimes: Making people laugh and drinking. Born and raised in KY, Blake has Bourbon pumping through his veins. He spent several years in LA after college pursuing Acting and Stand Up Comedy. But, like most out of work actors, he spent plenty of time working behind the bar, as well as sitting on the other side. Blake was fortunate enough share a bar stool next to some of Hollywood’s elite drinkers including Kiefer Sutherland, Nick Nolte and Mel Gibson. He credits these legends with taking him to a whole new level of drinking. Enjoy the show!


J.W. Wolterman

J.W. Wolterman

J.W. is a writer, director and actor who has worked on television in such shows as Parks & Recreation, CSI:NY, My Wife and Kids and has appeared in over 20 national commercials. He has worked alongside Bill Cosby, James Franco, Joe Odagiri, Academy-Award Winner Daniel Lindsay, and John Dale amongst others. He was the head writer and director for the sketch comedy troupe The Exploding Pajamas in Los Angeles and also wrote and directed the award-winning short film Prairie Dogs. He is excited to be directing such a fun show in his hometown of Cincinnati.


When I get to Below Zero Lounge, where do I go for the show?

Just walk in the door and go to your left. The show is upstairs and your tickets will be taken before heading up. Thirsty? Grab a drink at the first or second floor bar while you wait.

Is the show 21+?

Yes. It is located on the 2nd floor of a bar.

I am going with a group, but we all bought tickets separately. Can we sit together?

Yes, we love to accommodate groups. In order to assure that you are seated together, please contact with your names and group size at least 24 hours in advance.

Is there parking nearby?

There is a surface lot right across from Below Zero Lounge that is public and $10. There is also parking one block west on 12th in the Gateway Garage for $3..

How long does the show run?

The show runs about an hour and a half long with a cast meet & greet in the back lounge afterwards.

Is food served during the show?

Sorry, no food here! But there are plenty of great restaurants nearby to hit up before the show.

Parties! Groups!

If you have six our more people in your group, you can make a party name and get reserved seating for yourselves at the show!

If you have less than six people in your group, you can make sure you’re sat together by purchasing all the tickets together under one order.

Otherwise, please arrive early and request at the box office to combine seats. It’ll be a hassle (not really) but we’ll do it for you… because you’re great. Don’t ever change.

Birthday Parties

We at Bye Bye Liver think your or your friend’s birthday party is the most important part of our day. Believe us when we say we will make mention of it and take care of the birthday girl of boy during the show.

Bachelorette Parties

Ok, so it’s your last day as a single woman. It’s your day. We get it and totally agree. We’re also going to make sure you (or whomever’s special day it is) gets even more special by making spectacle of it during the show. Dont’ worry, it’ll happen. And it’ll be great.

I ordered tickets online where do I pick them up?

If you purchased your tickets for the show in advance, no matter the source, you name will be on file at the Will Call office, which opens 1 hour prior to show time. Just have an ID ready to claim your reservation.

For a good time, call.. us!

Need to order some tickets? Add people to your party? Make sure you and your awesome friends sit together? Call our box office, open Tuesdays through Saturdays 11am – 7pm at 1-800-650-6449.
We’ll take care of you and make sure everything goes smoothly. Don’t worry, we’ll take cares of you….

For The Record…

Bye Bye Liver and our drinking humor are all in good fun. You don’t have to even have a sip to enjoy yourself. Please feel free to enjoy and play along with a coke or water. We are avid supporters of the American Liver Foundation and always want our patrons to be responsible and safe.

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