Bye Bye Liver: The Philadelphia Drinking Play

Because your favorite part in any play is the bar at intermission, Bye Bye Liver is a fast-paced comedic romp that explores the pratfalls and pitfalls of Philadelphia’s favorite past time: Drinking! 2 Parts Sketch Comedy, 1 Part Drinking Games. Mixed and Served.


Let’s meet the cast!


Carolina Millard graduated with a double major in Theatre and Dance from Muhlenberg College. After graduation (and acquiring a multitude of part time job), she focused on her love of physical comedy. This was due to her immense love of Kristen Wigg and nothing to do with her Liza Minnelli haircut. She has performed dance comedy, dance theatre, and physical theatre in New York, Philadelphia, and the Accademia del Arte’s CrisisArts Festival in Arezzo, Italy. Recently, She attended Pig Iron Theatre Co’s summer intensive and plans to pursue her curiosity of improvised theatre. When Carolina isn’t acting like a clown, she house manages at Act II Playhouse, sells cheese and coffee at the Flourtown Farmer’s Market, and rages at every party, bar or club. She joined the Bye Bye Liver family in November 2011 and dedicates her shots to friends, family, and the pursuit of happiness!

Will Toussaint was born William Lion-heart Never-conquered Jingle-himer Malik-al-qaswan-swan Hair-comb in the deep jungles of the planet Podiatree. He formed a group there destined to carry out shennanigans about the world, and all the while using Howard Dean’s BYAH as their battle cry. However, he and his clan were defeated by the Great Bug King John Michael Kerflinkhapelshorp. The resulting war slowly but surely destroyed the planet and all of it’s inhabitants were gone. After two hundred and fitfty thousand six hundred and four billion sixty-nine budiplles and thirteen years later, Will has reemerged. He has now been working and living in Philly for 3 years. To all those who love laughter and freedom- BYAH!

PastedGraphic-4KATEY O’CONNOR
Katey is a washed up movie star from the roaring 20s. When she is not validating her entire existence on a stage somewhere, she can be found begging for food on the streets of Philadelphia. Warning: Do not feed the Katey after midnight.

Karina is originally from California where she used to surf to school and hang out with celebrities all day. She had high aspirations for her life though so she moved to Alabama (Roll Tide!). There, they ordained her a Master of Acting, which was pretty cool, but still not good enough. An adventurous soul, she decided to give the east coast a try and landed in Philadelphia. Since doing so, she has become a professional actor, married a doctor and bought a house. All in all, the master life plan that she created when she was six is coming to fruition very nicely.

PastedGraphic-8CHRIS ANTHONY
New to the Philadelphia area, Chris Anthony is a recent graduate of Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvana where he majored in theatre performance. At his graduation ceremony Chris was invited to be the student commencement speaker. Spoke in front of the whole graduating class. Who the hell knows why. It wasn’t like his grades were that great. He actually failed a health class once. Seriously. Can you believe that shit? Health! First of all, can you even believe that was a class he had to take? And he failed it! Had to retake it. Got a B. Ridiculous. Anyways…

PastedGraphic-9KELLY McCAUGHAN
Kelly Nicole McCaughan hails from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (BLACK AND YELLOW YA’LL). She attended IUP where she studied theater with two of the other cast members-Jason and Chris. Upon hearing that they were cast in the show she threatened to expose the ‘film’ that Chris and Jason made together if she was not cast as well. Alas, Kelly won. She will now be performing with them and the rest of the hilarious crew of BBL Philly Style. Kelly has been living and acting in Philadelphia for 3 years and loves nothing more than to make people soil themselves through her performances. WOO WOO!

PastedGraphic-9TERRY BRENNAN
Terry is an Philadelphia based actor and writer. He is the artistic director of Tribe of Fools theatre company and has been acting and creating new work for 10 years in Philadelphia. Terry teaches parkour and hand balancing at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. He also farts a lot, so watch out front row

PastedGraphic-9TREVOR CAHILL
Trevor has been rockin’ this world since the day he came into it. After winning America’s hearts as a Gerber Spokesbaby, Trevor scandalized suburban teens when his rippling abs graced the bags of Abercrombie and Fitch, launched a lactose-free brand of milk in a string of Japanese dairy commercials, and enticed contestants as a prize model on season 786 of The Price Is Right. This whirlwind supermodel career came to a halt when Trevor squeezed himself into a place teaching high school English, a place that fit for about four years. But alas, the company of Jersey Shore teenagers proved to be too mature for him (plus Weight Watchers never took, so he figured why not try the Starving Artist route?); so under the cover of night, Trevor fled to a land of compassion, generosity, and warmth: Philadelphia.

PastedGraphic-9SHAUN YATES
Shaun grew up and graduated in Texas with a B.A. in Theatre. But that was enough for him, so he moved to New York, but that was enough for him so he moved to Philly. He can’t get enough here so he tries to do as many jobs as he can from company member of Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley to singing telegrams across the tri-state area. If you catch Shaun in a BBL show, consider yourself lucky, he normally only wears a dress on Sunday. If you want to know more about him, look no further than And thanks everyone for keeping beer sales and sketch comedy alive in Philadelphia.

PastedGraphic-9JOSH SHWAMAN
Josh is a piano player. He was dubbed “The Coolest Piano Player Around” by the muppet, Dr. Teeth in 2005. He also won an outstanding achievement award for playing piano standing up during the 1993 “stop playing our piano” festival at his grandmother’s house. He plays in several bands around the city and loves being a part of the cast of Bye Bye Liver. He has experienced two liver transplants since joining of the cast.