Bye Bye Liver: The Boston Drinking Play

Every Friday at 8PM

Bye Bye Liver: The Boston Drinking Play is a show unlike any other Beantown has to offer. It mixes the city’s love for theater and comedy with its love for drinking. Two parts sketch comedy, one part social games; this show is guaranteed to have you falling out of your chair laughing. Located at Hennessy’s in the Gov’t Center/Faneuil Hall Area along the Freedom Trail, the show features some of the best talent in the Boston Comedy/Theater Community. When it comes to the pratfalls and pitfalls of the drinking experience this cast of crazy characters leaves no stone unturned and no can uncrushed.

'puts the efforts of Saturday Night Live to shame'

Chicago Sun-Times


Every Firday at 8PM

Will call opens at 7pm day of the show and closes at 8:30pm


25 Union St

Got a Big Group?

So you and your friends are coming to see Bye Bye Liver and you all want to sit together. That is the best idea we’ve heard in a long time. Let’s do it. To make sure your whole group sits together and has the best possible time, please call our box office at 1-800-650-6449. Have any other questions? Give us a call.

21 and Over

Bye Bye Liver is a 21 and older show. All beverages must be purchased at the venue, no outside beverages are allowed in.

Let's meet the cast!

Harry Aspinwall

Harry Aspinwall

Harry served the Grand Prince of the Rus in his early years and returned to become king of Norway in 1047. Much of his life was documented in the Icelandic Heimskringla, but, after his defeated invasion of England at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, little is heard of him for over nine hundred years until he emerged as a recent college graduate in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kat DePaola

Kat DePaola

Kat loves to sing and dance especially in the kitchen. Her favorite color is sparkle and she dreams to one day drink her way around the world!

James Fay

James Fay

When not acting in Bye Bye Liver, or doing leisure activities, James likes to spend his free time working to avoid becoming homeless and starving in an alley. Donations accepted.

Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney is thrilled to be in the show. Mike just graduated from grad school. Now he’s a master……..of EVERYTHING. If you don’t think he’s funny, blame Harry. It’s all his fault.

Zach Eisenstat

Zach Eisenstat

Zach went to MIT. He worked on Wall Street. Now, he is in Bye Bye Liver. Maybe if you learn how to build robots and ruin the economy you can be in the show too. Also, maths.

Kate Mock-Elliott

Kate Mock-Elliott

Kate is a superhero: Preschool teacher by day, drunk piano player by night! The mascot of all teachers and mothers driven to drink by adorably germy toddlers, Kate will never judge you. Ever. No really, she cleans up poop for a living. Don’t worry- she almost always washes her hands before tickling the ivories. Just not before tickling James.

Kevin Cirone

Kevin Cirone

Kevin Cirone has two weeks until retirement, is not eating this tuna sandwich, is too old for this shit, and is not just trying to draw a psycho pension – he really is crazy.

Kelsey Hansen

Kelsey Hansen

Kelsey traveled across half the country to join the cast of BBL Boston. As a farm raised Wisconsin gal, she grew up solely on cheese curds, Spotted Cow, and soap operas. She is thankful for her new coastie friends who have taught her how to hold her whiskey; and sends love to her daughter, Addie, the real comedian in the family.


Parties! Groups!

If you have six our more people in your group, you can make a party name and get reserved seating for yourselves at the show!

If you have less than six people in your group, you can make sure you’re sat together by purchasing all the tickets together under one order.

Otherwise, please arrive early and request at the box office to combine seats. It’ll be a hassle (not really) but we’ll do it for you… because you’re great. Don’t ever change.

Birthday Parties

We at Bye Bye Liver think your or your friend’s birthday party is the most important part of our day. Believe us when we say we will make mention of it and take care of the birthday girl of boy during the show.

Bachelorette Parties

Ok, so it’s your last day as a single woman. It’s your day. We get it and totally agree. We’re also going to make sure you (or whomever’s special day it is) gets even more special by making spectacle of it during the show. Dont’ worry, it’ll happen. And it’ll be great.

Group Discount

We offer a 10% discount on ticket prices for groups of 15 or larger. All tickets must be purchased under one order by one person in order to get the discount. Buy in bulk, get it cheaper!
Remember to call 1-800-650-6449 to get set up.

I ordered tickets online where do I pick them up?

If you purchased your tickets for the show in advance, no matter the source, you name will be on file at the Will Call office, which opens 1 hour prior to show time. Just have an ID ready to claim your reservation.

When I get to Hennessy’s where do I go for the show?

There are two entrances to the building. The one on the right hand side is only entrance for the show. Follow the velvet ropes. Fancy, we know.
Remember to call 1-800-650-6449 to get set up.
Otherwise, please arrive early and request at the box office to combine seats. It’ll be a hassle (not really) but we’ll do it for you… because you’re great. Don’t ever change.

I am going with a group, but we all bought tickets separately. Can we sit together?

Yes, we love to accommodate groups. In order to assure that you are seated together, please contact with your names and group size at least 24 hours in advance.

Is there parking near by?

Yes, less than a block away actually. If you park in Parcel 7 garage, our venue will validate your ticket with a stamp and you can park for $1/hr for up to 3 hours.

How long does the show run?

The show runs about an hour and a half long with a cast meet & greet in the back lounge afterwards.

Is food served during the show?

Yes, the venue offers a bar menu available before and during the show.

I know live bands play after and the venue charges cover. Do I need to pay if I want to stay?

No, if you attend the show you may stay and enjoy the live entertainment free of charge.

Does Mike really chug an entire beer while playing the piano with his other hand?

You’ll have to see the show to figure that one out.

For a good time, call.. us!

Need to order some tickets? Add people to your party? Make sure you and your awesome friends sit together? Call our box office, open Tuesdays through Saturdays 11am – 7pm at 1-800-650-6449.
We’ll take care of you and make sure everything goes smoothly. Don’t worry, we’ll take cares of you….

For The Record…

Bye Bye Liver and our drinking humor are all in good fun. You don’t have to even have a sip to enjoy yourself. Please feel free to enjoy and play along with a coke or water. We are avid supporters of the American Liver Foundation and always want our patrons to be responsible and safe.

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