Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play

(Chicago opening paragraph)


Let’s meet the cast!


Aaron Ellsworth

Aaron might as well tell you he’s from Narnia. He’s from Idaho, but Narnia tends to get less of a stumped reaction from people. Aaron has been performing in Chicago for over 6 years. He loves it with all his heart. His thanks goes out to all of his friends and family, and pH productions. Apple Orchards rule!!


Ben Kass

Ben hails from Iowa, where he grew to his current height.  He holds a B.A. in Theatre Performance from the University of Northern Iowa, and is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory and iO Training Center.  Ben’s stage credits include: BenchCo. (Second City), Sketch & Sniff (CCPA), Day Games & Heartbreaks (Pub Theatre), Glitter in the Gutter (Annoyance Theatre), and Waiting for Lefty (Backstage Theatre Co.).  He has done voice-overs for national and regional commercials such as Budweiser and Toyota.  Ben can also be seen improvising at iO with Michael Pizza and The Deltones.  (References and favorite recipes upon request)


Danielle Wheeler

Danielle likes to giggle and scamper around! She is super excited to be getting drunk with you every weekend! She would like to thank her best friend Lindsay for prepping her for this moment by teaching her the wonders of  liquor in college! Thanks to her family & friends! Now let’s get rowdy y’all!


Jaqlyn Loberg

Jaclyn, a California native, moved to Chicago to develop her career as a writer and performer. She is grateful for the opportunity to create entertaining live theatre with the cast, crew and production team of Bye Bye Liver. She thanks her friends and family for all their support. Hi Mom!


Jeff Strickland

Jeff can be seen every weekend in Bye Bye Liver.  Otherwise, he does nothing.  I mean it, nothing.  Well, sometimes he likes overindulging in whiskey consumption, writing music, staying classy, and sweating to the oldies.  But that’s it.


Mike Barton

Mike Barton is a founding member of the Pub Theater Company and has been and actor and writer for Bye Bye Liver for over 3 years.  He sends his love to his grandma.  And all grandmas everywhere.


Sherra Lasley

Sherra is thrilled to make you laugh.  She doesn’t like salads, but she’ll eat one as long as she can have extra pepperjack and a beer with it.   Sherra thinks you are awesome.