Bye Bye Liver: The Milwaukee Drinking Play

Bye Bye Liver: The Milwaukee Drinking Play is a wonderful celebration of two of Milwaukee’s favorite pasttimes…drinking and laughing. Two parts sketch comedy, one-part crowd games; this show is guaranteed to have you falling out of your chair laughing. Located at Comedy Sportz, the show features some of the best talent in the Milwaukee Comedy/Theater Community. When it comes to the pratfalls and pitfalls of the drinking experience, this cast of crazy characters leaves no stone unturned and no can uncrushed.


Let’s meet the cast!


Jake Shaw

Jake would like to give thanks to the Raptor Jesus, for being both a raptor and Jesus.



Kelly Doherty

After appearing in such critically acclaimed roles as Lady in Waiting #1 and Offstage Voice, Kelly is pleased to add her talent to the Milwaukee cast of Bye Bye Liver.


Laura Holterman

Laura is thrilled to join the stellar Milwaukee cast of Bye Bye Liver. After a several year break, she is ready to return to her comedic roots. Laura has spent the past season performing Shakespeare and the classics so she is very excited to be in a show where she doesnt get killed. Enjoy the show!


Liz Shipe

Liz likes people and alcohol.  So this show is pretty much a perfect fit for her.



Michael Black

Michael is a seasoned professional who loves alcohol in its many forms. It’s true providence that he’s found his way to Bye Bye Liver!


Michelle White

Michelle is delighted to join the cast of Bye Bye Liver and put all her hard drinking to work, or is it hard work to drinking? Either way way, Cheers!


Nate Press

Nate has been performing in Bye Bye Liver since February 2010 and is one of the original Milwaukee cast members. In late summer 2011, he took over the main directorial duties of the Milwaukee troupe in a violent, bloody coup. Be assured, nothing has changed. Just that all new cast members must now have his headshot branded into their left buttock. Nate is a native of Milwaukee and a graduate of Boston University’s College of Fine Arts.