10 years, 8 Cities, Untold Laughs!

‘An hour of non-stop laughs’

Up Chicago

'Puts the efforts of Saturday Night Live to shame'

Chicago Sun-Times

‘Bye Bye Liver is the place to be’

CBS Chicago

‘I’ll drink to that! Bye Bye Liver is a must see!’

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‘It may be the only thing you don’t regret in the morning’

Chicago Sun-Times

‘Pure genius…’

The Sketch Review

Bye Bye Liver: The Drinking Play

Bye Bye Liver is a sketch-comedy show that revels in all the insane and crazy moments we’ve all had when practicing that favorite past time…Drinking! Interspersed are incredibly fun drinking games for the audience. Bye Bye Liver is a fast-paced, incredibly fun romp you won’t want to miss!


‘The perfect way to start a weekend night out with friends’

Chicago Sun-Times

‘Impossible to not have a good time’

Timeout Chicago

Current Cities


Hey Chicago – We’re changing venues! Starting on February 3rd, we’ll be running at Stage773 on Saturdays at 8pm. See you there!



Coming Back Soon!


Coming Back Soon!

Bye Bye Liver. The choice of champions. Accept no imitations.

Whether it’s a first date, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette outing, or just a group of friends wanting to get the night started with a perfect set of laughs and a great time, Bye Bye Liver is the live comedy show that has become Chicago’s and other city’s favorite go-to spot. It’s the drinking play that has brought laughter and finger pointing (trust us, you will see yourself and your friends in the sketches) to people of all ages (over 21…I mean…we hope it’s obvious, but definitely over 21).

All of this, mixed with drinking games that pit audience against actors, men against women…you name it!

For a good time, call.. us!

Need to order some tickets? Add people to your party? Make sure you and your awesome friends sit together? Call our box office, open Tuesdays through Saturdays 11am – 7pm at 1-800-650-6449.
We’ll take care of you and make sure everything goes smoothly. Don’t worry, we’ll take cares of you….

For The Record…

Bye Bye Liver and our drinking humor are all in good fun. You don’t have to even have a sip to enjoy yourself. Please feel free to enjoy and play along with a coke or water. We are avid supporters of the American Liver Foundation and always want our patrons to be responsible and safe.

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